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What's a push to start key less entry system?
Instead of a physical key you insert into a lock, then turn – you’ve got a key fob transmitter that “talks” to the car’s ignition system. You don’t turn anything. Just push the “start” button on the dash or console and the engine fires up. Push the button again to turn off the engine.

* 100% push & drive unlike other kits on the market that require you to put a key in the ignition then push a button to start the engine
* Ultra-slim push button is simple to install. You can mount it anywhere without drilling unsightly hole on your dashboard
* Very easy to install
* Key-less Entry System
* Proximity lock / unlock Automatically unlocks when you approach/leave the vehicle
* Arms and locks when you walk away from the car.
* Unlocks automatically when you are in proximity with in the vehicle.

* Proximity range: 6-10 feet;
* Digital key system
* More Convenient, Totally Hands Free, Automatically Lock/Unlock.
* No More Pressing Buttons On Remotes To Lock Or Unlock Your Vehicle
* No More Accidentally Locking Your Keys In Your Vehicle
* BMW Luxury Type Design Of Smart Key -- Easy To Carry
* Safety, Two Way ID Code Check With Hopping Code
* Upgrade To Button Start Found In Today's New Automobiles
* EASY To Follow Install Instructions.
* Anti-robbing feature
* Car finding feature
* Completely reversible If you would ever want to remove kit from vehicle
* Low power consumption
* Anti-coding technology supported.

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CompletelyHANDSFREE/KEY FREE Push Button Start Alarm System!

 Transmitter Description

This is a Smart hands free RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) activated push button start/alarm kit that enable you to Lock/unlock your doors, and start/stop your cars engine with just a push of a button. No more buttons needs to be pressed on a key fob to lock/unlock the doors as you approach the car and no more keys are needed to start/stop the engine. All you need to do is have the Smart cards in your possession. It can remain in your purse, pocket, wallet,etc... This is a universal kit & it can be used on any motor vehicle. It works on all gasoline & diesel engines (carburetor & fuel injected). This kit will also work with both manual & automatic transmissions. Without the Smart cards inside the vehicle the engine will not start regardless if the doors are unlocked & the alarm is disarmed. If a thief tries to break into your vehicle & start the engine by pressing the button, the alarm will activate & the Engine Start/Stop button will not work

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Functions and FYI Q & A

This kit have 4 functions for the push button start feature.
Once inside vehicle
***Without holding the brake***
1. Press the button once for ACC (radio)
2. Press button a second time to turn the car into the "ON" start (All electronics on)
3. If you press the button a third time this will shut the entire system off (all electronics off)
*anytime during this process you can press & hold the brake & push the Engine start button to start the engine. You do not have to turn the system into the off state to start the engine

***With brake pressed***
1. Press the engine start/stop button to start the vehicle not to exceed 1 second
4. Hold the brake & press the button for 1.5 seconds to turn the vehicle off. This way, the engine will not shut off if button is accidentally pressed.

Door lock activation Hands free Key-less Entry System

To activate the hands free locking & unlocking function all you have to do is keep one of the smart cards inside your purse, packet, wallet, etc... The smart cards have transponders that communicate with the Intelligent identification sensors via RFID technology. Once the unit recognizes the security code from the smart card, the system will automatically unlock your doors/deactivate the alarm & horn will sound once while you approach the vehicle. By the time you reach to open your doors they will already be unlocked & waiting for you. The system will also automatically lock the doors, activate the alarm & the horn will sound twice when the Smart keys are out of the sensors range for longer than 4 seconds. If the doors are left open longer than 30 seconds the alarm will activate to remind you to close the door. This means you can lock, unlock, activate & deactivate the car alarm feature without pressing a single button. This system functions exactly like the newer Corvettes, BMW's & Benz. The RFID range for this kit is approximately 2.0 +/- meters (5-7 feet). You can deactivate the RFID hands free key-less entry feature at any time to prevent accidental unlocking of your vehicle. The smart cards have a 3-button keypad on the front with unlock, lock, mute & there is a small toggle switch on the side. The range for the keypad on the smart cards is approximately 30 meters (100 feet).

Start/Stop Function

By the time you enter the vehicle the smart cards will have already communicated with the system and completed the authenticating process to disable the immobilizer. Once inside the vehicle, to start your engine you will need to press & hold down the brake and press the Engine Start button for 0.5 seconds & release. Your starter will engage for 0.8 seconds to start the engine. ***Do not to exceed 1 second pressing the Engine Start/Stop button***. If engine will not start in 0.8 seconds you will need to switch to long start mode. To enter long start mode you have to press and hold the brake then push and hold the Engine Start/Stop button so it continue cranking until the engine start. Once the engine start you will need to release the Engine Start/Stop button Immediately! To stop the engine you will need to press & hold the brake then press the engine start/stop button once for 0.5 seconds and the engine will shut off.

* Remember you must have the RFID Smart cards in your possession while sitting in the vehicle so start the engine

Smart card features

Intelligent Key Features:

3 Buttons: Lock, Unlock & Mute

1. L.E.D. Indicator Light

The L.E.D. indicator light will be is red in normal status when pressing buttons. The L.E.D. indicator light will blink RED if the battery power is low. Once low you will need to replace the battery, otherwise it will affect the normal use of the intelligent key.

2. Lock Key

When the lock key on the Smart card is pressed the car's alarm will arm, Horn will sound once and the car light flashes, meanwhile, the central door lock system start work immediately.

3. Unlock Key

When the unlock key on the Smart card is pressed the car's alarm will arm, Horn will sound twice and the car light flashes, meanwhile, the central door unlock system start work immediately.

4. Trunk Release Key

This kit has an Aux. channel for opening your trunk lid if it is electronic. Press and hold the unlock key on the smart card for 3 seconds to activate the trunk release and the trunk will be opened.

5. Automatic rearming

If the doors are not opened within 25 seconds after disarming the alarm the system will return to armed state & doors will lock

6. Lost Car

Press & hold the mute key for 2 seconds & the lights will flash will sound for 15 seconds if you forget where you parked. If you press the Lock key for 2 seconds the lights will flash & the horn will sound for 15 seconds.

Whats included
1x Wiring diagram/installation manual
1x Instructions
1x Brain box
2x RFID Smart Cards with button batteries installed
2x Intelligent Identification Sensors
2x Wiring harness
1x Illuminated ultra slim Push to start button
4x Push button mounting tabs
1x Adjustable alarm shock sensor
1x Alarm 6 tone horn
1x Led


virtually all of the times packages are shipped out the next business day but Due to  the high demand for this product shipping may be delayed to back order fulfillment's! Please be assured that you will receive a tracking number via the United Stated Postal Service.


Q: I have a older car;no power locks. will this system still work if locks are not power?

A: Yes this kit will still function properly on your vehicle without the power locks connected. The RFID push button start feature is designed to work even if the other features of the kit(door locks & alarm)are not being used.

Q: Will this work for diesel trucks, due to the truck having to wait a couple of seconds for the glow plugs to warm up.

A: This is an universal kit that will work with any gas or diesel engine & enable you to start your vehicle key-less!

Q: So this comes with push button kit... and an alarm, and everything necessary to hookup? can the RFID go onto a key chain?

A: Yes this kit comes with everything needed to install in your vehicle. The alarm feature is built into the push button start kit so basically you are getting 2 kits in 1. Both the alarm & the push button start features work hand & hand. When you walk away from the vehicle & you are outside of the sensors range (4-7 ft depending on the placement of the identification sensor antennas) for longer that 4 seconds the doors will automatically lock the alarm will be activated. No need to press any buttons on the keypad. Once the alarm is in arm mode the push button feature on this kit will not work & prevent theft. When you return to your vehicle and get inside the sensors range the doors will unlock, alarm will disarm & the push to start feature will be active. The RFID cards have a chain and a clip on the bottom so it can be put onto your key chain. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

Q: Are you willing to sell me if I am out of USA?

A: Yes I will ship this item to outside of the U.S.A.but you will have to pay the shipping costs.

Q: Do you sell just the RFID kit alone without the alarm?

A: Sorry I do not sell this kit without the alarm feature. The alarm feature does not have to be hooked up for the rest of the kit to function properly

Q: Does this kit completely bypass the need to put a key in the ignition? Does it work with cars that have transponder keys?

A: Once this kit is installed there will be no need to put a key into the ignition. The engine start/stop button will control the engine as long as you have one of the Smart Cards inside the vehicle. On the vehicles that have transponders keys you will need a universal bypass module to get around that security feature and you will be good to go.

Q: How big are the sensor cards?

A: Hello, the RFID smart cards are 3"x 1.75"x .25"

Q: Could my car return to its original state after installing the one-click start system?

A: Yes, This kit is completely reversible. If you ever wanted to uninstall this kit to return your vehicle back to original start you can very easily!

Q: Do u have a illuminated push to start button

A: Yes the engine Start/Stop button is illuminated

Q: Can you install it into any car and still receive all of it features?

A: This is a universal kit that can work on any vehicle & yes you will be able to use all of the features.

Q: Can this kit work on cars that have manual transmissions?

A: Yes! This is a universal kit & it can be used on any motor vehicle. It works on all gasoline & diesel engines(fuel injected & carbureted). This kit also work with both manual & automatic transmissions

Q: Is the response distance stable?

A: Yes, 2.0 meters (5-7 feet).

Q: My car is equipped with P.A.T.S./PKE/R-code factory immobilizer. How do I get this system to work with my car

A: A common universal bypass module will solve your problem. They are very easy to install. Universal bypass modules can be found online & at your local car alarm & remote start installer for cheap The major reliable brands are and these signal module will cover virtually every vehicle.

Please note that we are offering a (Pre-Prep Wiring Simplification Service) to where for a fee of $200.00 in addition to purchasing any of our units. We will pre-wire the necessary harness connections with specified features to your specific vehicle! This will surely shorting your installation time exponentially!!! and eliminate room for errors in your installation! We will provide you with all wire diagram data info for your specific vehicle. Just provide us with the year/make/model of your vehicle in the PPWSS checkout link.


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Slim Power Inverter 
12 volts @ 150 watts​
15 Amp ​
 3 12 volt expansion ports
 Bridge power supply mode ​
 Able to charge while in use​ ​