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Advantages with Xenon HID kits are:

* HID headlight produce 300 % more light output compared to standard halogen bulbs!
* Bluish white light for covering broad road, HID beam covers 3 times more of the road in front of you.
* Long life, HID bulbs has average life of 5-10 years which is more than a regular bulb!
*More efficient, xenon kits consume very less electricity which makes its more proficient.
* HID kits and xenon conversion kit are Easy to use and install.
* HID kits and xenon conversion kit give luxury looks.

You are buying a 100% Plug & Play HID Kits and HID headlight kits that comes with the best warranty on the market today . Buy your HID Kit today and we will ship your order the next day guaranteed!

Ballast designed by constant current will continue to supply a stable operating current, but with the HID tube pressure increases, the overall output power (according to the formula P = VI we can see) will also gradually increase by the rated 35W to 40W or even 45W! Additional power can easily damage the molten lead bulb mounts, and in many cases the ballast and the bulbs will be destroyed!The ballast designed by constant power will not have such concerns, computing circuits will lower the output current as the tube pressure increases, so that the power consumption of the entire system can be maintained at 35W.
HID light is a high intensity discharge light which do not have filament. The HID conversion and xenon conversion Kits is a revolutionary concept in which xenon gas is used with other noble gases for producing lights which are three times better than any other standard halogen bulbs. This HID kit and xenon conversion kits provides 300% more light along with a 35% reduction in consumption of electricity.A HID light bulbs not only helps to enhance the style of your car, but it also help as safety aspect while driving at night. Our H4 HID kits and HID headlight kits helps you to easily install HID headlights bulbs on any vehicle which were not initially fitted with them.

We offers a wide range of HID light bulbs and hid and xenon conversion kits such as H1 HID, H3 HID, H4, H7, H8, H9 and H10 HID kits. We also provide you with 9003, 9004, 9007 High/low HID kits, HID light bulbs, HID headlight kits and xenon HID and conversion kits. Our HID Kits, xenon conversion kits and HID headlight kits are made with the highest quality material and craftsmanship. .